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If you are in a position of leadership, you got there because you know something about yourself and others saw it along the way. A deeper leadership potential is inside you, ready and waiting to be cultivated and harnessed. The Throwing Words process begins by creating space for growth and development.

Utilizing an evidence-based process steeped in humble listening and respect, Throwing Words is the trusted advisor for Master CEOs in the Central Carolina region and beyond. Regardless of product or service, any organization operates its best when all teammates and partners have an opportunity to participate and feel heard. Getting an organization to that level is the role of a great leader. Getting a leader to understand their greatness is the role of Throwing Words.


  • Doug keeps me on track. He helps me recognize my needs; he helps me to identify my objectives, and determine the outcomes I’m hoping for.

    -Jackson Offshore Operators, LLC
  • Doug knows me and he's the one person that can "call me out" when I'm hiding something from myself.

    -Chris Elmore, AvidXchange

  • In the middle of this pandemic, most of the people in my industry have been working non-stop. That means they don’t have the time and space to be “present” in their roles as needed. Bandwidth is preventing opportunities for our team to gather in spaces where we can actively listen, or receive constructive feedback, or dedicate time to matters that have high degrees of priority, but a lesser degree of urgency. Doug helps me to create ways to communicate with my team, especially in those instances where my headspace won’t allow me to do so.

    -Wake Forest Athletics
  • I never believed in consultants who come in and tell you what they think you should do. The problem with consultants who come in and hand you a book with what they think you should do and how to do it and then go away is, the organization has reflex memory. I believe in consultants who come in, work with you, learn your business and act as your advisor, and that’s really what Throwing Words does. Doug solves the problem with you. The way we’re trying to do it, with the help of Throwing Words and Doug Bacon, is to make these organizational changes permanent, irreversible. That takes lots of people believing this culture is theirs.

    -Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority

Services offered by Throwing Words:

Executive Coaching

We work one-on-one with a business leader who is ready to dig deep and draw forth a confidence they always knew was there. It is a process that involves empathy, acceptance, and respect.

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Transition Engagement

A hands-on approach where we help an organization, or an individual, respond to a time of change, or even crisis, with the strength and determination to stay focused on forward progress.

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Team Alignment

A process through which we help bring an organization, or group within an organization, together in a place of harmony unique to all participants involved.

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We unlock the collective potential of the organization by uncovering the strengths of the people that make it up. Steps toward higher performance are guaranteed, when team members, partners, and employees get to know each other on a deeper level.

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If you are ready for personal growth or see transition as opportunity, Throwing Words is here to work with you.

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