Attentive Listening. Confidentiality. Dependability. Expertise. Creativity. Efficiency.

This is the Throwing Words difference. There is a foundation of trust, and clients experience stewardship in every sense of the word.

Throwing Words is built for growth-oriented leaders and makes space for those leaders to realize their true purpose. We introduce leaders to an evidence-based process that is steeped in humble listening and authentic trust, supported by data, and led by an industry professional who helps facilitate both personal and corporate growth. With the Throwing Words process, a leader’s skills and inner voice are brought together to reveal solutions that are timely, authentic, and transformative.

Our Services

Executive Coaching

We work one-on-one with a business leader who is ready to dig deep and draw forth a confidence they always knew was there. It is a process that involves empathy, acceptance, and respect.

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Transition Engagement

A hands-on approach where we help an organization, or an individual, respond to a time of change, or even crisis, with the strength and determination to stay focused on forward progress.

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Team Alignment

A process through which we help bring an organization, or group within an organization, together in a place of harmony unique to all participants involved.

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We unlock the collective potential of the organization by uncovering the strengths of the people that make it up. Steps toward higher performance are guaranteed, when team members, partners, and employees get to know each other on a deeper level.

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