Throwing Words Team

Doug Bacon
Managing Director of Throwing Words

Doug Bacon is Throwing Words. He is the man behind this program and offering of services. It is Doug Bacon who has served as a trusted advisor to CEOs and other top-level executives, helping them transform their organization’s culture and take ownership of the process.

However, Doug has come a long way from earning a Bachelor of Arts in Music (with a concentration in flute) from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. His education continued in a different direction, studying with Gallup—the world’s foremost advising and analytics firms—and ultimately being certified as a Strengths Coach.

For over twenty years and across three states, Doug developed his skills and personal philosophy working while at the chamber of commerce in Greenville, Mississippi; arts management in Memphis, Tennessee; and higher education administration in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Throwing Words process is personal and involves making space where Doug can connect with a growth-oriented business leader from a place of empathy and stewardship. Throwing Words is client-centered, and is a program offering a range of services developed after two decades of experience, study, and understanding. Doug serves as a catalyst for transformation, a steward for professional leadership growth, and a facilitator for healthy business practices.

When not inspiring business leaders and helping organizations run as harmoniously and efficiently as they should, Doug enjoys spending time with his wife Julie and their sons, Phelps and Mac, at home in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Julie Zalewa
Project Manager & Executive Assistant

Doug Bacon and the Throwing Words program could not operate on the level of efficiency and professionalism that business leaders have come to expect without Julie Zalewa. As Project Manager for Throwing Words and Doug’s Executive Assistant, Julie runs a tight ship with an eye for detail and keen sense of timeliness. Julie received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from San Diego State University with a minor in Psychology. For sixteen years this training was helpful managing a family and volunteering with civic and non-profit organizations. Now with her children grown, Julie brings the same care to managing Throwing Words that she once brought to family and volunteering. In her down time, Julie enjoys traveling, reading, watching movies, racquet sports, and working with teens.